UTG Sport Airsoft Everblast CQB Sawed-off Combat Shotgun


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Product Description
UTG Everblast CQB Airsoft Shotgun - M87SA Sawed Off Combat Model, Rugged&Robust, Hefty Wt, Sure-Cocking Forearm, Tactical Tri-Rail, Adjustable Super-Spin, Spectacular Power&Accuracy, Black Matte Finish, Complete w/ Spare Combat Mag

With a rugged and robust construction, forceful tension spring action, a dramatic sure-cocking foregrip, tactical tri-rail systems, and a metal swivel, the UTG Everblast CQB Special Ops Airsoft Shotgun pumps and fires full-power combat loads to carry out your most critical Airsoft missions. Its comes complete with a deluxe speed loader, a UTG ergonomic butt pad, and spare combat magazine. With an adjustable hop-up switch, the backspin of the BB can compensate for bullet drop and the gun allows single and continuous Everblast shots.


  • UTG M87 platform with auto trigger-pump action
  • Tension spring-operated mechanism to generate power
  • Adjustable hop-up height; adjustable touch pin point
  • Dramatic sure-cocking foregrip; tactical tri-rail systems
  • Pump and fire full power combat loads to carry out critical Airsoft skirmish missions
  • Complete with high-capacity magazine and regular magazine
  • Matte black non-glare finish
  • Allow single and continuous Everblast shots
  • Precise hop-up adjustment switch
  • Operation: Spring
  • Weight:3 pounds
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity: 20/180
  • Length: 21 inches

About UTG and Leapers, Inc.
Leapers, Inc., headquartered in Michigan, has been in the business of supplying shooting, hunting, and outdoor gear since 1991. By setting un-compromised high standards for all of their business operations, Leapers' goal is to provide total solutions by paying close attention to industry trends and customer feedback, with a focus on making the best-in-class niche products available for hunting, shooting, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2009, Leapers made an important decision to start our Made-In-the-USA Manufacturing Operation. With a full commitment to serving more customers in the market with 922R compliant products, Leapers has begun making unique mounting systems under the UTG PRO brand in Michigan and will continue to be innovators in the hunting, shooting, and outdoor industries.


  • UTG M87 Platform. Includes High Capacity Magazine and Regular Magazine
  • Rugged and Robust Construction, Matte Black Non-glare Finish, Hefty Weight
  • Sure-cocking Foregrip, Tactical Tri-rail Systems
  • Adjustable Hop-up Systems, Spectacular Power and Accuracy
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